How to Fix Roku Remote not Working Issue

To use your Roku hands-free, you can get a stylish Roku remote for free when you buy one. Imagine that you are getting ready to watch a movie with your family when you suddenly discover that your Roku remote is broken. Fix Roku remote Easily.

All things considered, you want to arrive at the television actually or use Roku versatile application to work the television. Even though it’s not a pleasant experience, it can happen to anyone. Hence, every Roku client ought to know the strategies to fix Roku far off not working issue.

1. Check the Remote Batteries

If you discover that your Roku remote has stopped working, the first thing you should do is check the batteries. Check the placement of the batteries by opening the battery chamber. It’s a good idea to swap out the batteries and install new ones if your remote isn’t working despite being installed correctly.

Due to Bluetooth connectivity, any remote, with the exception of Roku Simple Remote devices, consumes a lot of energy.

2. Fix HDMI Interference

HDMI interference is an explanation that Roku controllers don’t work. Due to cable and HDMI port interference, Roku streaming sticks that connect directly to the Roku TV’s HDMI port frequently experience the issue. Remove all HDMI cables with the exception of the Roku device to see if this is the cause, especially if the device’s multiple HDMI ports are being used simultaneously. Get an HDMI extender for the Roku device if this step solves the issue. By submitting this form, you can receive a free HDMI extender.

3. Remove Obstacles

As a Roku Basic Far off client, you ought to recall that it needs an unmistakable view for smooth activity. Remove any signal-blocking objects that are positioned between the Roku remote and the Roku TV and test the remote.

Users of Roku Voice Remote Pro or Roku Voice Remote can move on to the next method.

4. Drain the Remote’s Power

Another approach to resolving your Roku remote issue is power drainage. Removing the batteries from your remote will deplete its power. Presently, press any remote button for 30 seconds and afterward discharge it.

Following the device’s instructions, insert the batteries into the battery chamber. Right now, the Roku remote should work.

5. Re-Pair Remote and Roku television

Clients experiencing difficulty with cutting edge Roku controllers should re-pair the remote with the Roku streaming player utilizing the accompanying advances:

  • Remove the power cable from the Roku streaming player and turn it off.
  • Take the Roku remote’s battery out.
  • Now, connect the Roku player’s power cable and wait for it to turn on.
  • Reinstall the batteries in the remote when the Roku home screen appears.
  • Push down the reset button of the remote situated under the battery chamber for 5+ seconds.
  • The pairing light will begin to flash when the pairing occurs.

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