BOOX Tab Mini C launches as a compact color ePaper tablet

ONYX International has presented the BOOX Tab Mini C as a potential companion for work or travel. Its new 7.8-inch display supports the brand’s latest Kaleido 3 e-ink technology for “sharp” detail in both monochrome and color. It has a Qualcomm CPU and an “exclusive” GPU, rated to help the Mini C work as a tablet as well as a particularly vibrant e-reader.

BOOX Tab Mini C

BOOX touts the Tab Mini C as the ideal low-power option for those who like to take their graphic novels around with them. This new follow-up to the Tab Ultra C has a smaller 7.8-inch display found in a “sleek” metal chassis in “subtle” gray, designed to help boost comfort in long reading sessions with a “curved, smooth shape“.

Nevertheless, it is rated to support 4,096 colors as well as black and white. Its Kaleido 3 screen is rated for “sharp” (for e-ink) resolution in either mode, at 150 ppi and 300 ppi respectively. It also boasts the same BOOX Super Refresh Technology and “exclusive” GPU as some of its bigger siblings.

BOOX Tab Mini C

The Tab Mini C also has an “octa-core” (yet otherwise undefined) processor from Qualcomm, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, which helps it run third-party apps with an Android 11-based UI. With a 5,000mAh battery, it might be able carry out such tasks for some time.

The Tab Mini C is now available from or Amazon at a starting price of US$449.99.


BOOX Press Release

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