The Apple Pencil Hover now has tilt and azimuth support thanks to iPadOS 16.4

Apple is also releasing iPadOS 16.4 in conjunction with iOS 16.4 for iPhones. for its tablets Although the two updates share most of their features and changes, supported iPad Pro models now have a significant upgrade to Pencil hover called tilt and azimuth. How it works and which iPads support tilt and azimuth are detailed below.

To summarize,

Apple is adding tilt and azimuth to the Apple Pencil Hover feature.
The iPad Pro 2022 models can take advantage of this feature.
The hover feature is only available on the Apple Pencil of the 2nd generation.

Apple Pencil Hover shows preview markings The tilt and azimuth function will add dynamic preview © Apple

In most respects, the changelog for iPadOS 16.4 and iOS 16.4 are identical. Among these are new Unicode emoticons, VoiceOver on guides and climate, a fix to Issue prepared indoor regulators on Home, and web application notices which are coming to Apple’s tablets too. The massive change committed to the iPad, explicitly for the most recent iPad Genius, is slant and azimuth while utilizing the Macintosh Pencil Float.

Apple Pencil Float’s slant and azimuth

Which iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are compatible? The Apple Pencil Hover was released with the 4th generation iPad Pro 11-inch and 6th generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch, respectively, in 2022 (review). When using the Apple Pencil, you can use this feature to preview your mark up to 12 millimeters (0.47 inch) above the display’s surface. In addition, it works with the Apple Pencil of the second generation.

Preview with Apple Pencil Hover has been improved with support for tilt and azimuth. For instance, the preview will now display a larger mark target if your pencil is angled. When the Apple Pencil is positioned at a 90-degree or perpendicular angle to the display, the line preview is reduced to the size of a dot when the angle is adjusted to a higher one. More importantly, the preview mark size can be changed using Pencil Hover in conjunction with the pinch gesture.

At the moment, the Apple Pencil Hover can be used with the Notes app and some third-party photo editing programs. Hover can be used to interact with these apps’ tools and controls, such as choosing a color in Procreate, in addition to previewing marks.

Apple Pencil Hover when used in the third party app known as Procreate © Apple

How to get the Pencil Hover feature and install iPadOS 16.4

iPadOS 16.4 is compatible with iPad and iPad Pro models running iPadOS 16, which came out at the end of last year. Select Software Update from the General tab of the settings to manually check and install the software. You can also opt to be notified whenever the update becomes available.

What do you think about the Apple Pencil Hover’s tilt and azimuth capabilities? Do you plan to upgrade to iPadOS 16.4? Tell us about it in the comments.

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