Best Kodi Live TV Addons April 2023 (IPTV)

Add-ons for Kodi live TV (IPTV) don’t always work, but they are always getting better.

It depends on how well the developer updates the add-on, as it does with all Kodi add-ons.

This indicates that the stream may cease functioning one day and then resume the following day or hour.

It is always best to stick to videos that have already been recorded and, if at all possible, to find good links because this up and down of working and not working can be frustrating.

Having said that, there are some excellent ones whose Live TV (IPTV) streams have steadily improved; However, don’t expect it to be as reliable as satellite or cable television.

Top 10 Best Kodi Live TV (IPTV) Addons April 2023

  1. TV One
  2. Samsung TV Plus
  3. Mega IPTV
  4. Swift TV
  5. TVOne111
  6. Fetch!
  7. The Crew
  8. TVOne11
  9. IPTV AU
  10. Plex Live

TV One is a Kodi live TV add-on with many categories and sections.

Samsung TV Plus is an international Kodi live TV add-on located in the SlyGuy Repository.

Mega IPTV is a live TV Kodi addon located in the Glive Repository.

Swift is an international live TV (IPTV) add-on located in the The Warehouse Repository.

TVOne111 is a Kodi live TV add-on located in the Narcacist Wizard Repository.

Fetch! is a Kodi add-on with many video streams and feeds along with live TV channels.

The Crew has become one of the most popular Kodi add-ons with many sections and categories.

It is an all-in-one addon with movies, TV shows, Sports and an IPTV section for live TV.

The IPTV section has many live streams including many top free streaming websites.

TV One is an international Kodi Live TV add-on with many sections in different languages.

IPTV AU is a great Australian IPTV from Repository that work with Kodi 19 Matrix.

The channels are in a long list to select from.

Plex Live is a Kodi international live streaming addon located in the SlyGuy Repository.

The main section has categories for Live TV, My Channels, Search, and Settings.

It has many live streams from all around the world. The streams are currently working very well with no buffering.

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