How To Setup Miracast For Windows 11

Setup Miracast For Windows

Miracast is a feature that most devices now have. It lets you connect your devices wirelessly to a screen. You’ll be able to connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to your TV or wireless monitor so that you can watch movies and play games. Using this method, there is no need for an HDMI cable and the connection can be made wirelessly. However, if you want to use Miracast, you need to make sure your device can use Miracast. It will help you if you want to use Miracast on your Windows 11 computer but don’t know how.

How To Setup Miracast For Windows 11

We’ll go through how to set up Miracast for Windows 11 and use it in this article.

Setup Miracast For Windows

Step 1. Checking If Miracast Is Support By Your PC Or Not

Make sure your device can use Miracast before you can use it. Take the steps below to find out if your device can use Miracast or not:

1. Press the Windows + R key, type dxdiag in the Run dialog box. Click OK to open DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

2, In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, click on Save all information. 

3. You will now be prompted to select the location where the data should be saved. Select Desktop and then click Save.

Setup Miracast For Windows

4. Now, open the text file that you made with the Notepad and read it. In the text file, look for Miracast and see if it’s there or not, then see if it works.

Step 2. Setting Up Miracast For Windows 11

We are going to break down the whole process into a number of steps. How can you get the most up-to-date drivers for Miracast? How can you cast your PC to a Wireless Screen? And also how can you cast another device to your PC?

Installing The Latest Miracast Drivers 

The most recent drivers can be found in the Windows update settings. Follow the instructions below to install the newest Miracast Drivers from Windows Update:

1. Click on Start Menu and select Settings.

2. From the left sidebar of Settings, select Windows updates.

3. To begin checking for updates, click Check for updates.

4. All updates found by your PC should be downloaded and installed. Also, be sure to go to the Optional Updates section and download and install all of the optional updates.

5. After that, restart your computer.

How To Cast Your PC To A Wireless Display

You can now continue casting your PC to a wireless display after installing the latest Miracast drivers. Follow the steps below to cast your PC to a wireless display:

1. Press Windows + I key to open Settings.

2. In the left sidebar, look for the Bluetooth & devices section.

3. On the right-hand screen, select Add a device.

4. Click Wireless display or dock in the pop-up window that appears. Now choose the listed wireless display.

Setup Miracast For Windows

5. This will establish a connection between your computer and the wireless monitor.

6. After that, you’ll need to figure out how you want to project your PC onto the wireless display.

7. Press Windows + P to open Projection Settings

8. Four projection settings are shown here: PC Screen Only, duplicate, extend and Second Screen Only.

Setup Miracast For Windows

9. Set the orientation how you want it, and you will be able to show your PC on a wireless screen.

How To Cast Other Devices To Your PC?

If your PC supports Miracast, you can cast other devices such as phones to it. Follow the steps below to cast other devices to your PC:

1. Connect both the device you want to cast and your computer to the same Wi-Fi network so that you can show each other movies and TV shows.

2. Click on the Start Menu, search for Connect and open it.

3. On your mobile phone, open the Miracast app. You can also open the app on any other device you want to show. You can turn on the cast feature if your phone has that, or you can turn it off.

4, You should now be able to see your PC on your phone, which you may select and connect to.

5. You may now cast your phone to your computer.

Check this video for more help:


This article will show you how to configure Miracast for Windows 11. We have included a comprehensive instruction on how to cast your PC to a wireless display as well as how to cast other devices to your computer.

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