There is a way to stop Microsoft from shaming PCs running Windows 11

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft’s new strategy to entice people to upgrade their Windows 11 hardware appears to be to annoy them by putting a watermark on desktops that reads “System requirements not met.”

Although the watermark is not brand-new, it appeared to only be present on recently manufactured desktop and laptop computers. It’s not only bossy to have that message on your desktop every time you use it, telling you that “your hardware is not good enough,” but it’s also annoying to have to see it every time you turn your device on.

Microsoft’s claim that you can disable the watermarks and avoid constant shaming is encouraging, but it raises the question of why it introduced this annoying watermark in the first place.

While Microsoft doesn’t have plans to hinder Windows 11 updates on unsupported gadgets the present moment, the organization’s decision to disgrace establishments through the watermarks is really odd while possibly not somewhat aloof forceful. Insinuating that the equipment you’re using isn’t good enough or that you’re using it illegally is a little bit insulting.

We are going to assume that the intention is that the majority of people will not be aware of the option to disable the watermark and will instead upgrade their hardware in order to eliminate it.

However, Microsoft has officially made it possible to get rid of the watermark. If you’re tired of seeing it but don’t want to spend a lot of money on new hardware, you might want to give this a try.

How to get rid of the watermark that says “System requirements not met” in Windows 11 A screenshot of the search menu in Windows 11 is included in a document that explains how users can change their Group Policies to get rid of the watermark from the desktop and settings.

Microsoft says that the watermark appears “when the device hardware does not meet minimum system requirements” and that users can disable it by using a device management solution or the Group Policy editor.

To cripple this provoking watermark you can go to your pursuit bar and type in ‘Gathering Strategy’.

System can be found under Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, and Local Computer Policy. Select “Hide messages when Windows Systems requirements are not met” from the System menu.

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