How to Download Google Maps For Offline Use

How to Download Google Maps

The ability to download Google Maps regions is quite enticing, whether you want to be able to navigate without a network connection or are serious about saving data everywhere you can. How to Download Google Maps? See below.

Google has provided us with a tool that allows us to download entire sections of Maps over a Wi-Fi connection, allowing us to complete our journey without using a cellular network. We’ll show you how to download Google Maps areas step by step.

How to Download Google Maps

Earlier versions of Google Maps only allowed you to view downloaded sections of a map, which was useful but required you to connect to the Internet in order to begin navigating or searching for a specific location. Users can now have a far better offline experience with Google Maps. Without a data connection, you can get turn-by-turn navigation, location searches, and establishment information.

You’ll be able to have a smooth, uninterrupted experience even when traveling through a low-reception area once you know how to download Google Maps for offline use.

Note that you will not be able to save the entire globe. That is Superman’s responsibility. While there is a limit to how much data you can cache, you can save a lot of data before reaching the limit.

Using Google Maps offline

How to download the app on iOS or Android

1. Search for the location you wish to save on Google Maps.

How to Download Google Maps

2. Press the bottom info bar

How to Download Google Maps

3. In the upper right corner, press the three horizontal dots

How to Download Google Maps

4. Press Download offline map

How to Download Google Maps

5. Select the size of the region you wish to save (pinch to increase size)

6. Choose DOWNLOAD

Search and navigate Google Maps offline

To utilize your downloaded areas offline, you don’t need to do anything special. Simply look up any location in that area. It will appear even if you don’t have a data or Wi-Fi connection, and you will be able to navigate in that area with turn-by-turn directions. The only thing you won’t have is real traffic updates and conditions.

Manage offline Google Maps areas

  • Go to Google Maps
  •  At the top right, press your profile picture or initial
  • Press Offline maps
  • Press the three dots to the right of the area or location you want to manage
  • Press UpdateRename or Delete depending on the change you want to make

Google does not yet allow offline navigation for walking, bike, or transport instructions, but they have plans to do so in the future.

So there you have it: how to use Google Maps offline and manage areas in Google Maps. More information is available in Google’s view maps offline help article.

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