Where to Find Excavation Camps in Fortnite

Where to Find Excavation Camps

Week 12 quests are still available to assist you in earning a little bit more XP for any remaining cosmetics from the battle pass, so Where to Find Excavation Camps, even though Fortnite chapter 4, season 2, may be winding down in preparation for a new season. This week’s quest requires you to visit three excavation camps on the battle royale map. Although this may seem like a lot of travel, you can actually get to these camps from one another quickly. The best way to locate and visit the three excavation camps is in this order.

Where to Find Excavation Camps

While the quest is currently active, you will be able to see the precise locations of the three excavation camps, which are all situated in the middle of the map. In light of the way that they’re all moderately near each other, you shouldn’t have any issues taking the journey out in a solitary match — inasmuch as you don’t run into an especially dangerous crew en route.

Where to Find Excavation Camps

Since the lower excavation camp is at a lower altitude, landing at it first will likely increase your chances of success because it will give approaching teams more ground on you as you move north. As you’re moving south to arrive at the subsequent camp, you’ll need to conclude whether you need to risk pushing through the frequently bustling Iron block Square or maybe sneak around the edges. If you arrived at the camp, you probably noticed that there was almost no loot there. It might be a good idea to go to a few houses in Anvil Square to get what you need.

In conclusion, advance southeast to the last camp with the goal that you can procure culmination for the journey, which will give you a pleasant piece of XP. You can hopefully use this to buy any cosmetics from your battle pass that you wanted to get before Season 3 starts late next week.

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