How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription

Lately, numerous famous performers left Spotify. As a result, a lot of Spotify users have also switched to the free plan. Cancel Spotify Premium.

Would you like to join the mass and quit being a Spotify premium client? On the off chance that indeed, read this blog. We’ll walk you through a few easy steps to cancel Spotify premium in this guide.

What Is Spotify?

The Spotify app is primarily a digital music, podcast, and video service. You can listen to millions of songs and other audio content created by creators from all over the world with it.

You can use this app to listen to music and get track recommendations based on your preferences for free, but Spotify Premium gives you access to more advanced features.

Spotify can be utilized on a variety of gadgets including PCs, tablets, telephones, speakers, televisions, and vehicles. It’s likewise conceivable to travel starting with one gadget then onto the next utilizing Spotify Interface.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription

If you don’t want to use Spotify’s premium plan anymore, you can’t cancel it from the app, no matter if you’re using Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows.

You must login to your Spotify account using a web browser on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or computer in order to cancel Spotify premium. You must follow these steps there:

  • Sign in to your Spotify account from any internet browser.
  • Select Change Plan from the section titled Your plan.
  • Click Cancel Premium after scrolling down to Cancel Spotify.

You can cancel your Spotify account while keeping your premium account using this method. The procedure will guarantee that you continue to use Spotify’s free plan, which includes music streaming ads.

You can keep your saved playlists and music when you use the Spotify free plan. When the next billing date is still a few days away, you can continue to access all of the premium features even if you cancel the premium plan.

What should you do if the Changing Plan choice is unavailable?

If you are unable to change your plan, your Spotify subscription may be included in a package you received from a mobile or internet service provider. To cancel your paid subscription in that case, you must contact that company.

Is Spotify Premium still available?

You are able to renew your Spotify premium membership if your search changes in the future. You only need to re-register for a Premium account in order to accomplish that.

Keep in mind that if you sign up for the first time using a promotion, you might have to pay more for the service.

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